Available Norfolk Puppies
RARE...... RARE..... RARE......!!!
Fewer than 350 Norfolk Terrier puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club every year, making the Norfolk extremely rare. Our Norfolks are adorable balls of fur with very out going personalities.  They are the smallest of the Terrier Breeds.... BUT only in size!!  They are tough and sturdy and great little dogs with a big heart. Norfolks are truly a gift with their love, loyalty and devotion along with an amazing zest for life.

Current Charmers!

  • Sorry you missed us !! Our Norfolk puppies have all been adopted.  
  • If you would like one of our amazing canines in your future, contact us to reserve one of our up and coming little charmers.
  • We are looking forward to a new litter to offer.
  • Norfolks are a small dog with a hugely charming personality, tenacious and independent,eyes sparkling with mischief, they are difficult to resist. Ready to go on any and all adventures, this wiry little dog is small, but only in size, has a live and let live approach to life and loves everyone they meet.

  •  This intelligent canine is a real treat, if your heart is ready for loyalty, love, laughing and entertainment, then this is the breed for you!

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Why New Venture Kennels​​​​​​​?
  • Our AKC babies are born in our bedroom, hand raised and loved until they go from our arms to yours!! Carefully nurtured so that they are ready to be a wonderful family companion to you.
  • One year genetic health guarantee, puppy wellness exam, age appropriate vaccines, health record and puppy pack come with our amazing canines.
  • Unmatched in tenacity, intelligence and eagerness to please, these small canines are perfect companions for the family that is active, want to be entertained, and dedicated to raising a wonderful new best friend.
  • If you would like to reserve one of our babies, please contact us . Our puppies are always gone quickly.
  • Thanks for considering us for your newest addition.

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